The Plan

My vision is to make a square box that holds many layers of encaustic wax of various hues. The basic color order is that of the spectrum - black, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, white. I wanted each layer to be thin and very flat. Carving into this hunk would reveal a terrain that looks like a topographical map. I wanted the final project to look like a space-time map of wormholes in space.

I have experimented with encaustic, so I knew that pouring hot wax onto another wax surface would melt the top layer as the wax was poured, so I couldn't do that. Instead, I would mix hot encaustic and pigments into small tins to a fixed level (1 ounce of wax per tin). After freezing, these samples will plop out easily and I would arrange them onto the project surface like a jigsaw puzzle - breaking the shapes as needed to fit. That layer would then be all the same thickness. (It turned out that I needed 8 ounces per layer).

Next I would bake this in an oven very carefully. The top layer will melt and (hopefully) not mix or disperse with the lower layers.

This web site is a chronological tour of the project. The pictures were taken just after some goal was reached. Nothing is re-touched or altered - this is just what happened.

This project occupied much of my time during May 2003. It was done as a special project in Art for my program at DeAnza College.

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