Reaktor Builders Macros Set 5a Oscillators 1

Version 3.2
Uploaded 2010-Feb-14
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From the 3 Osc ensemble in the R3 Premium Library, a simple, basic oscillator with a simple control.
User lhaymehr altered the 4-wave Core oscillators into separate core cells. These are anti-aliased.
An unusual oscillator design - use one waveform for the top part of a wave, one for the middle, and a third for the bottom! Clever and useful with a unique sound.
Ernest Meyer contributed a full array of Core cells and I added a flexible control front-end. This is a very versatile oscillator.
Jonathan Style modified an ensemble by Sandy Small and we have this nice dual oscillator module.
I made this from a set of modules. The basic noise module is from NI and then there is the phase meter that I scrounged up from some module and finally the great little FFT display from Gabriel Mulzer.
Chet Singer contributed this 16 saw oscillator with a very fine spread design.
Jonathan Style contributed this low/high range oscillator. It can be an LFO or an audio osc.
rb_osc_f a t p a d_v2.mdl
Jorg Holzamer made this fat sounding oscillator with lots of spread and detune ideas.
Martin Brinkmann made this unique semi-stable oscillator which uses a unique type of feedback.
Ernest Meyer contributed this interesting 8-Ramp oscillator
Jonathan Style contributed this oscillator from his Propane ensemble.
A very bizarre module from Siegmar Krie. Many unstable points may be found that offer interesting possibilities.
User sellotape contributed the last three interesting oscillators. This one subtracts a delayed signal from itself. It uses a wavetable in a Sampler oscillator.
In this second sellotape contribution the subtractor oscillator uses a audio table oscillator.
In this third sellotape design, the subtractor oscillator uses a core anti-aliased audio table.
A freebie that originated in an ensemble from Martijn Zwartjes - there was no room in the evaluator.
I made this scope from Ernest Meyer's scope in the Marx macros.

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