Web Page Design: Contents

  1. History of HTML - a short history of hypertext.
  2. Basic HTML Markup - simple examples of markup and style sheets.
  3. Block-level Markup - making paragraphs and other blocks of text.
  4. Character-level Markup - changing the appearance of lines of text.
  5. Hypertext Links - linking to other documents.
  6. Graphics & Multimedia - adding pictures and sound to your web page.
  7. The HEAD Section - describing your HTML document.
  8. Style Sheets - separating layout control from the document text.
  9. Tables - tabular data and layout control.
  10. Forms - sending user input to an external program.
  11. Frames - multiple window management.
  12. How It All Works - protocols, connections and bandwidth.
  13. Setting Up a Web Site - how to make your own site on the web.
  14. Dynamic HTML - controlling the display upon user actions.

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