Web Page Design: Basics 01

Popup Window When you activate this link, you will see the simplest type of page that can be made in HTML in a new browser window.

When the new browser window pops up, look at the source.

The first thing you will notice is that you make a page title, by using a pair of HTML tags:

This is called the TITLE element start tag.
This is called the TITLE element end tag.

Then we give the page a heading with the H1 tag:<H1>. There are several numbered headings available, ranked in importance from 1 to 6. This level 1 heading (the most important level) is closed by the </H1> end tag.

Next notice that paragraphs are started with a P tag: <P>. You can use a paragraph end tag if you wish, </P>, but it is optional, and most people don't use them. If you wish to break a line in a paragraph, use the <BR> tag.

Note: end tags are not optional in XHTML 1.0! We will cover this later.

Notice that multiple spaces, tabs and lines (whitespace) are swallowed up, and replaced by single blanks and then reformatted for the screen.

Finally, note that you can draw a horizontal rule with the <HR> tag.

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