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MF Auralis 4

MF Auralis 4

Make sure the Reaktor Clock is running (press space bar) - otherwise the rachToys won't work properly.

The 'AutoSnap' buttons slowly, randomly change presets independently - there is one in MF Auralis and one in rachToys.

Some snapshots may take a while to form a sound.

To listen to individual snapshots turn off the AutoSnap settings in MF and rachToys.

To bypass rachToy and just hear MF Auralis set 'Bypass' in rachToy 'maesTro' or set 'Dry Wet' to Dry.

The internal Mastering Limiter is set to use 8X oversampling; if you have a slow machine turn that off.

There are two external stereo inputs for MF Auralis that may be used - they are controlled by the small indicator values under 'Mix Level - Spin Level' in the lower right.

There is a 'Design View' panelset that will expose all the modules.

Any question? Ask Brian.

Jim Hurley
November 6, 2013

And thanks to all the other talented Reaktor builders that I have learned from.

The download sample below is a few minutes of me randomly selecting some snapshots - it is spontaneous, unplanned and completely unedited.

Sound sample (MP3): MF-Auralis4Mix.mp3

Download link (RAR archive): MF_Auralis_4.2.2.rar

Archive Size: approx. 420 MB

You will need RAR to uncompress this archive.

Full-size screenshot.

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